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Hidden Ponds 2017 Showstring

This is our current showstring. Some of these horses may be available for sale in the future, and some may be eventually retired from showing (temporarily or permanently) to join our breeding herd. All of our horses are shown to some extent. We believe that getting horses into new situations is absolutely paramount. We do not own a single horse over ten months old  that has not been shown, and at least half of our horses are shown every year.

Below is our primary show string; the ones that you will see at most events.

rosie lesa
rosie trot
rosie 3
Rosie 1
rosie lesa 2
Cabaret Rose


2011 Red Tobiano Gypsy Mare

The Godfather x Blarney Stone's Coco

DNA: ee aa Tt

Country of Origin: United States

Rosie is Kari's primary show horse. Rosie has been extensively shown both English and Western and attends most events with Hidden Ponds. In addition to showing, Rosie is broke to drive, and has been used for foxhunting, hunter paces, hunter trials, team penning, and has even loped the patterns at game shows.

Kari bought Rosie when she was a green broke three year old, and has put extensive time on her in order to ensure she is a well-rounded horse. She came fourth in the GVHS Vanner Advantage program in 2016, 11th in the Vanner Advantage program in 2017, and 11th in Amateur Overall and Amateur Performance in the GVHS High Point Year End awards. She was also the highest ranked Amateur Performance mare in 2017! Rosie has been evaluated as a four-star mare, and will be working toward her Versatility Medallion.

Rosie may one day join our broodmare herd, but Kari enjoys her an awful lot as a show horse!

senora polo en blanc
rosie 2
senora 1
senora 2
senora 3
senora 8
senora 4
senora 5
senora 6
Queen of the Blagdon's Senora


2004 Sooty Red Blagdon Gypsy Mare

Andrew Mouldon's Blue Blagdon Stallion x Tom Sikes Blagdon Mare

DNA: ee aa W20/W20

Country of Origin: Wales (United Kingdom)

Senora is our safest, most novice friendly horse at the farm. She can be handled and shown by absolutely anyone, and is shown by novice youth and amateurs. She was originally purchased to be a riding horse for Kari's mother, who has rheumatoid arthritis, when she visits, and she is perfect for that. She is also trained to ride and drive, and shows in both. She has been used as a demonstration and expo horse, and attends most of our events. Senora is quite the world traveler, having been imported to Canada before coming to the United States. Senora was awarded 5th place for Youth Vanner Advantage in 2017. Senora is a four star rated mare through GVHS.

Senora has had five foals previously, although none for us. She loves the foals, though, and stays in our broodmare pasture during the summer months to help babysit.

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