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HP Nakota


2018 Silver Bay Tobiano Gelding

GFR Silver Spirit x Serenity

Country of Origin: United States

  • 2019 Reserve Champion GVHS Vanner Advantage

  • 10x Breed Show Reserve Champion Halter Gelding

  • Breed show winner 


I don't really have a place for "geldings" on my page, as being a breeding farm, I don't really need geldings. However, this boy worked his way into my heart and is staying forever.


Kota was actually supposed to be traded after he was weaned for a mare to be a herd sire, but when he was 7 days old, we had to rush him to the hospital for anemia. It turned out that his blood type didn't match his mom's and he had a very life threatening condition called neonatal isoerethrolysis. He nearly died, but thankfully the University of Minnesota performed a life-saving blood transfusion and he got to come home. And when I say nearly died, I mean by the time we got to the hospital he was unconscious, and they thought twice overnight they had lost him. 


I chose to geld him when he was 4 months old and still nursing. He was a bit of a plain fellow, so I was unable to sell him and because I was unable to sell him, I decided to start showing him in 2019. He took two Reserve Champion halter titles that year.


I kept him for sale into his two year old year and had two other people commit to buy but back out. I took him to a show where he took two more Reserve Champion titles and after that, I decided to pull him from the market. After all, he was winning and I like to win!  

He is now my driving horse, my halter gelding, and my showmanship horse. I have no plans at this time to break him to ride, but he is young so you never know what the future holds. He is quite well on his way to his Legion of Honor. He really is irreplaceable to me now!



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