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About Hidden Ponds

Nestled among the trees and bogs of central Minnesota, Hidden Ponds is my lifelong dream accomplished. Over 115 acres of grass, bog, poplar, and pines, as well as two ponds hidden among the trees, are home to our ponies and gypsy vanner horses. Hidden Ponds is honored to own several National Champion horses and ponies, and regularly participate in both local and national show circuits.

Hidden Ponds is located just 45 minutes north of both Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We usually have a few horses for sale, and offer a small number of gypsy foals for sale every year.

You can find us on Facebook also! We post frequent updates about our horses and the shows we attend. You can link by clicking the Facebook logo at the very bottom of this page.

About the Owner

My name is Kari, and I am a lifelong horse lover. After saving up for 8 years, I purchased my first horses at the age of 16. I then completed a degree in Animal Science with an Equine emphasis at the University of Minnesota, followed by The Ohio State University, where I obtained a degree in Veterinary Epidemiology.


I started riding at Fortuna Farms as a child, and huntseat riding is my primary seat, although I do drive my horses and occasionally ride western. Originally growing up with thoroughbreds and warmbloods, I decided to move to smaller horses and ponies as I got older. I was looking for something more docile, easier to manage and easier to maintain. That brought me into the ponies and the Gypsies. 

One thing you may notice as you browse the pages are the abundance of fantasy type photos. I enjoy dressing up with my horses for public events. That and the Hunter Paces put on by Long Lake Hounds are probably my two favorite Equine activities. 

I am active in the local and national gypsy horse community. I am a former Director for the Minnesota Horse Council, and am the Founder and current President of the Minnesota Gypsy Horse Club, a 501c3 non-profit. I also coordinate the Gypsy side of the Minnesota Pony and Cob Classic show with the Welsh club in July, and the Gypsy Horse Show Association Regional Championship show in October. In addition, I am on the Show Committee for the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. I have participated with my horses in research trials through the University of Minnesota, Equiseq, and Etalon Diagnostics to better understand the breed.  I bring my horses to events such as the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Horse Expo, as well as show my horses at both breed and local shows throughout the Midwest. In addition to the breed shows, I have traveled to more than 70 Gypsy breeding farms throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, and have seen thousands of these horses, so I am very familiar with the breed and have met some of the most influential breeders and horses in the world. My horses are my passion and I love to share them with others.

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