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brendan 2
St. Brendan's Cream x Lil Shirefighter

Born June 1, 2019



Lily gave us a gorgeous sabino filly!


Willow is now sold! Congratulations to Janyce in Montana!!

annie 6
spirit 4
St. Brendan's Cream x Taskin's Spicey Annie

Expected July 2019

Annie was sold prior to foaling and gave her new owner a gorgeous buckskin tobiano filly that looks just like her! 

giselle 3
GFR Silver Spirit  x Giselle of Finnegan's Fields

Born June 8, 2019


Giselle surprised us with an amazing silver bay sabino tobiano filly! 

Inca is now sold! Congratulations Amber in South Dakota!

tipsy 6
tipsy 7
brendan 6
St Brendans Cream x Cabaret Rose

Born April 30, 2019

Rosie gave birth to the sweetest colt! 

Tipsy is now sold!! Congratulations to Amber in South Dakota!

brendan 3
St. Brendan's Cream x WHR Prime Patchwork

Born April 20, 2019

Frozen gave us this gorgeous black blagdon filly we named Shiver! She will be very striking once her foal coat sheds out with her high white legs and her belly spot! 

Shiver is now sold! Congratulations to Tara in Idaho!

St Brendans Cream x Gypsy Elite Tara

Born April 24, 2019

This colt is something else! He already is a hairy boy, and is a super flashy palomino tobiano! 

Phoenix has been SOLD! Congratulations to Mike in Minnesota!

Lags Mare 3
golden dollar
Andy McEvoy's Colt x Lags Mare

Born May 6, 2019

Our recently imported mare, Lags Mare, gave us a gorgeous black filly! 

Visenya is now sold!! Congratulations to Amanda here in Minnesota!

GFR Silver Spirit x LS April Fools Day Jade

Born September 7, 2019

Jade gave us a beautiful bay tobiano with stunning blue eyes! 

Vanity is sold! Congratulations Courtney in Missouri!

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