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Fillies For Sale

(up to 2 years old)

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Hidden Ponds offers several guarantees on our foals. All of our foals will be used to wearing a halter and will be trained to lead, tie, and allow their feet to be handled. In addition, they will all be registered with GVHS, and we transfer the paperwork directly into the owner's name once the horse has been paid in full (or after gelding, for colts). We microchip all of our homebred foals and register their microchips in the national database. We color and genetic panel health test any potential breeding stock and results are always available to view. Finally, we guarantee our horses HEALTHY at weaning, meaning that we feel as breeders that it is our responsibility to make sure that we are delivering to you a healthy animal. Buyers are not required to pick up insurance on foals prior to weaning, as we do not feel that you should be financially responsible for an animal that cannot be in your care.

We do offer payments for up to three months after weaning on newborn foals and short term payments on older horses.

DSC_8147 (1)
HP Rhaenys


Black tobiano Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born May 12, 2022

GVHS Registered

Will be microchipped prior to leaving

DNA: EE aa nT nW20

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

EMH: 14.2-14.3 hands


Bandera Broadchurch x Lags Mare

While she doesn't have much in the way of color, this is one QUALITY filly.

Rhaenys was my keeper filly for 2022.  I won't have as much time for her as I had hoped and therefore I am keeping her dam and two half sisters and offering her. 

This filly is heavy and hairy and should produce some top quality foals. Because she has so much white, she is likely to throw some extremely flashy foals, like her dam. She can only throw EITHER W20 or tobiano, not both, so her foals should not have as much white as she does. She likely has this much white because she carries for both tobiano, the unidentified modifier that causes the big splashy pattern on her dam, and W20, which is a white booster. If you're looking for a QUALITY broodmare, this is your girl.

She will be dewormed regularly, vaccinated, microchipped, registered, and of course be trimmed before he goes and come with a coggins. She is halter broke and can pretty much go home any time. 

DSC_6748 (1)
DSC_3632 (1)
HP Waterlily


Black Pintaloosa Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born April 8, 2023

GVHS Registered

DNA: Ee aa nT nLP

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

EMH: 12.2-13.2 hands


SD Gold Top x Harkequin Farms Angelica

This is the sweetest little girl who is so kind, quiet, and easy to work with!

She is a rare pintaloosa from non-Hermit's lines. Right now she is on the smaller side, but she could grow and it is difficult to determine an adult height before their leg bones stop getting longer at around 6-9 months of age. However, right now she is looking to be smaller. Her sire is 13.2 and her dam is 13 hands.

This beautiful and feminine girl is very loving. She is from more rare lines in North America, as her sire is unrelated to anyone other than his own offspring, and his dam's dam is unique lines herself. Her dam's sire was exported BACK to the UK due to his significant quality!

Like all our foals, she will be halter broke, dewormed regularily, vaccinated, microchipped, registered, color and disease panel tested (already done), and trimmed, and comes with a health guarantee. 

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