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Fillies For Sale

(up to 2 years old)

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Hidden Ponds offers several guarantees on our foals. All of our foals will be used to wearing a halter and will be trained to lead, tie, and allow their feet to be handled. In addition, they will all be registered with GVHS, and we transfer the paperwork directly into the owner's name once the horse has been paid in full (or after gelding, for colts). We microchip all of our homebred foals and register their microchips in the national database. We color and genetic panel health test any potential breeding stock and results are always available to view. Finally, we guarantee our horses HEALTHY at weaning, meaning that we feel as breeders that it is our responsibility to make sure that we are delivering to you a healthy animal. Buyers are not required to pick up insurance on foals prior to weaning, as we do not feel that you should be financially responsible for an animal that cannot be in your care.

We do offer payments for up to three months after weaning on newborn foals and short term payments on older horses.

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HP Waterlily


Black Pintaloosa Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born April 8, 2023

GVHS Registered

DNA: Ee aa nT nLP

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

EMH: 13.3-14.1 hands


SD Gold Top x Harlequin Farms Angelica

This is the sweetest little girl who is so kind, quiet, and easy to work with! She will make a really nice family horse, youth horse, or a second horse for someone who wants to take on the task of raising up and training their own horse the first time.

She is a rare pintaloosa from non-Hermit's lines

This beautiful and feminine girl is very loving. She is from more rare lines in North America, as her sire is unrelated to anyone other than his own offspring, and his dam's dam is unique lines herself. Her dam's sire was exported BACK to the UK due to his significant quality!

Like all our foals, she will be halter broke, dewormed regularily, vaccinated, microchipped, registered, color and disease panel tested (already done), and trimmed, and comes with a health guarantee. 

HP Persephone


Black LP (appaloosa gene) Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born October 14, 2023

GVHS Registered

DNA: Ee aa LpLp nW20

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

EMH: 14-14.1 hands


SD Gold Top x Indigo's Royal Lil Aries

Hard-to-find homozygous LP filly, with even harder to find NON-Hermi'ts lines! She will make a great cross back to Hermit's line stallions, as well as other SD stallions since her sire's bloodlines are unique in the United States. Being homozygous LP means that she will pass the LP gene on every time. She will very likely change a lot over the next few years. 

Being homozygous LP means that she has night blindness. That means that she doesn't see as well in the dark as normal horses and her vision at night is similar to a human's vision (humans are also night blind). It is not painful and is not progressive. It is NOT the same as moon blindness, which she does not have. What it does mean is that she should be in a stall or paddock overnight and if she is bred, she should have a light on overhead so she doesn't step on her foal. She can see just fine in moonlight when there is a full moon, so she doesn't need any more light than we do in order to see. 


This is a smart filly who is going to make you some flashy babies, especially if bred to stallions with PATN1! She seems to be a quick learner and she likes to be a good girl. She will be weaned around May 2024. 

Like all our foals, she will be halter broke, dewormed regularily, vaccinated, microchipped, registered, color and disease panel tested (already done), and trimmed, and comes with a health guarantee. 

HP Rhaenys


Black tobiano Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born May 12, 2022

GVHS Registered

DNA: EE aa nT nW20

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

EMH: 14.2 hands


Bandera Broadchurch x Lags Mare


These photos were taken as a yearling, and she just keeps getting better! I know she has a lot of white, but this filly is for someone who cares more about quality than color, because hat she lacks in color she makes up for time and again in quality.  Rhaenys is such a sweet filly and out of the incredible Lags Mare, so you know she will be thick and correct and not lacking for hair or type! I had retained this filly as my 2022 keeper, but I've decided to retain her 2024 sister instead so Rhaenys is currently being offered. She might be pulled off the market again in the future because it's hard for me to part with such a sweet and nice quality filly, but for the time being she is offered. 

This lovely filly is halter broke and up to date on deworming, farrier, and vaccines. She will come with a current negative coggins and health certificate if she is to travel out of the state. She will be microchipped also. New photos coming once it is warm enough to body clip. 

HP unnamed


Grey Sabino Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born April 5, 2024

Will be GVHS registered

DNA: EE aa nSB1 nG nW20

Pssm1: n/P1

FIS: n/n

EMH: Too young to tell, but easily 14.2 hands


SD Hercules x Giselle of Finnegan's Fields


Here is your chance to get an SD Hercules filly! These fillies are pretty well coveted by their owners, so they don't come up too often! SD Hercules really needs no introduction, but he is a black import from the famous SD stud in the UK. He is one of the winninest gypsy vanners in history, with an extremely extensive show record and many National titles. 

Giselle is one of my best producers and this filly is going to be exceptional! This filly is a granddaughter of Roman on her dam's side and SD Woolly Mammoth on her sire's side, and you're really going to have to look hard to find a better bred filly than this one!

She will be registered, microchipped, and halter broke before she leaves like all our foals. She comes with a negative coggins, and if she travels out of state she will come with a health certificate. 

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