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Fillies For Sale

(up to 2 years old)

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Hidden Ponds offers several guarantees on our foals. All of our foals will be used to wearing a halter and will be trained to lead, tie, and allow their feet to be handled. In addition, they will all be registered with GVHS, and we transfer the paperwork directly into the owner's name once the horse has been paid in full (or after gelding, for colts). We microchip all of our homebred foals and register their microchips in the national database. We color and genetic panel health test any potential breeding stock and results are always available to view. Finally, we guarantee our horses HEALTHY at weaning, meaning that we feel as breeders that it is our responsibility to make sure that we are delivering to you a healthy animal. Buyers are not required to pick up insurance on foals prior to weaning, as we do not feel that you should be financially responsible for an animal that cannot be in your care.

We do offer payments for up to three months after weaning on newborn foals and short term payments on older horses.

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We do not have any available fillies right now. Please check back in the future. If there is something specific you're looking for, feel free to reach out. We have a few 2021 fillies and one 2022 filly that would be available in the right situation. These are high quality fillies and are not cheap. They were held back intentionally because they were the best of the bunch, and their price will reflect that.

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