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HP Helios


Palomino Colt (Gelding)

Born June 3, 2017

St. Brendan's Cream x Serenity

DNA: ee aa nCR nW20

Registration: GVHS (Full stud book)

SOLD! Congratulations Sasha in Minnesota!

Helios is our little palomino colt out of our mare Serenity. He has four tall white stockings and a wide, symmetrical blaze. He is only the second colt by St Brendan's Cream, and Brendan's first ever palomino!

Helios loves his scratches and has quite the personality. When he was only a few hours old, he was already bossing his sister around in the pasture, who was a month older! He is extremely athletic (for a gypsy) and very friendly!

Aphrodite 2
Aphrodite 1
aphrodite 5
aphrodite 4
aphrodite 3
HP Aphrodite


Smokey Black Gypsy Mare

Born May 11, 2017

St Brendan's Cream x Lone Cypress Farms Blueberry

DNA: Ee aa nCR W20/W20

Registration: GVHS (full stud book)

SOLD! Congratulations Theresa in Minnesota!

Aphrodite was born exactly a year after her older sister! She is a very sweet and calm filly and has been lightly shown starting at the age of 2 months. She handles easily no matter where she is. 

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