We pride ourselves on keeping our broodmares in top condition. Hidden Ponds broodmares are handled daily. They are not simply turned out to pasture to have no human interaction. All of our mares are broke to ride, and are ridden during the off season after their foals are weaned, or on years when they do not have a foal at their side. Mares that are amenable to strangers handling their foals in public places are taken to shows starting when the foals are two months old. We show both the mare and the foal. We believe that this benefits both mom and baby, giving baby exposure very young and showing baby that mom is not worried, so they should not be either. This puts a lasting impression on a foal that is later expected to develop into a performance horse, so new situations are handled easily.

Please click on any image to be taken to that mare's page (This is currently under development). Click on Follow Link below the image to continue to her page! The text is very small, so you have to look for it!

Please note that in general, our mares are not for sale; however, we may make exceptions for some of them in the right circumstances.

Wild Rose Gwenhwyfar
WHR Prime Patchwork
N'co Fascination
Brier Rose
Minnie's Silver Pearl
LS April Fools Day Jade
Giselle of Finnegan's Fields
Lone Cypress Farms Blueberry
Lone Cypress Farms Blueberry
North Fork Aslan's Amber Dancer
Cabaret Rose
Gypsy Elite Tara
Harlequin Farms Angelica
Lags Mare
Clononeen Star
Lake Ridge Contessa
SD Faith
Queen of the Blagdon's Senora
HP Glamour
Silver Stars Crescent Moon
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