Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few questions and answers about our policies here at Hidden Ponds


1. Do you allow pre-purchase exams on horses?

Yes! And we encourage it on horses greater than two years of age. We do not require a deposit as long as the PPE is performed within a week of requesting it, and before the contract is signed. Although I try my best to know each horse and be fully honest about their health history, I can't always know what is going on inside of a horse and therefore not only do I request PPEs on most horses that I buy, but I have no problem with PPEs being performed on horses that I sell. 

Horses must stay on the farm for all PPEs. The buyer may use any vet of choice that will attend the farm. Buyers are responsible for all costs associated with the PPE. Buyers have 48 hours from the PPE to make a deposit or the horse will be offered again for sale. 

2. Do you allow for additional genetic testing on a horse I am interested in buying?


We do a full panel genetic color and disease panel on all potential breeding stock, and we perform a pssm1 test on all geldings, regardless of parentage status. We do this in order to know what we are selling and feel confident standing behind it. However, occasionally someone might want results run through a different lab than we use. While we do allow additional testing to be performed, this is at the expense of the buyer and we require a 25% deposit while test results are being run. We guarantee all color and genetic disease results will match those we received on colts, stallions, mares, and fillies, and pssm1 test results only on geldings. In the event that our test results differ from those given by another lab, we will refund this deposit. In the event that the results match, the deposit is non-refundable. Buyers may use any lab, although we recommend University of Kentucky for the fastest turn-around time.

3. Can I board my horse at Hidden Ponds?

We offer very limited short-term boarding at our farm for client horses and do not accept long-term boarders. The reason for this is that we are predominantly a breeding farm and do not promise to have the facilities available offered by facilities that are strictly used to board horses. The safety of our mares, stallions, and foals come first. Hidden Ponds is a private facility.

4. Do you offer live cover at your farm for your stallions?

We offer very limited live cover on our farm to our stallions outside of the normal breeding season and only for stallions that are not away at training. Availability is from July through September for our gypsy stallions, and April through October for our shetland pony stallion. As we are a show facility also, stallions may not always be available. Mares must be vaccinated for tetanus, rabies, influenza, and EHV1 and 4, have a current 30-day health certificate, and have a current year negative coggins test. We do not accept maiden mares for breeding. 

5. What are your visiting hours?

Hidden Ponds is a fully staffed working farm, and as such, we are very busy. This is our home first and foremost, and we are not open to the public. We are available by appointment only. Please contact us here to set up an appointment.

6. Do you offer payment plans on horses for sale?

Yes we do! We offer payments on foals through and for a short time after weaning, and short-term payments on older horses, to make your gypsy dreams come true! Visit this page for more information.

7. Have you ever sold a horse sight-unseen?

We sure have, and that's how most of our horses were bought! We take lots of photos and videos to help buyers decide if it is the right horse for them when they cannot visit the horse in person. Videos are posted on our Facebook page. Our horses have moved from Minnesota to Florida, South Carolina, California, Oregon, Texas, New York, and everywhere in between.

8. Do you have more photos and videos of your horses for sale?

Yes! Most of our photos and videos are uploaded to our Facebook page. This is publicly viewable and you do not need a Facebook account. We post new photos and videos at least a couple times a week.

9. Do you allow photographs to be taken at your farm?

We offer photo tours of our farm for visitors who wish to take a photo tour. Learn more about it here!

10. How much is collection and shipping and do you offer a live foal guarantee?

Collection and shipping costs are set by the vet facility and are not negotiable. Collection and shipping within the US runs around $500 per shipment for fresh cooled semen. For frozen semen, shipping runs around $100 per dose and there is no collection charge. For Canada, collection and shipping of fresh or frozen semen runs around $900 USD. Because it is so expensive to ship to Canada, we offer three frozen doses and up to three live foals at a special rate.

Please note that any of these rates are subject to change at any time, based on changes to shipping rates, legal shipping requirements, and veterinary requirements. Rates were last checked 6/24/21.

11. What is your experience with the breed?

Hidden Ponds is both a breeding and showing facility. We attend breed shows and open shows locally and around the midwest. In addition, Kari is the founder and president of the Minnesota Gypsy Horse Club, a 501c3 non-profit, has helped to organize the two Gypsy breed shows in Minnesota, and is on the show committee for the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. Kari has travelled all around the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to learn about the breed and tour farms. Kari has seen tens of thousands of these horses, more than most will see in their lifetimes.