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Our Facilities

Hidden Ponds consists of over 115 acres, 90 of which are divided into ten pastures to maximize the mental and physical health of our herd.

We also have five barns:

Our State-of-the-Art brand new foaling facility. Insulated and heated with in-floor heating (the safest option, as it is hot water running through the concrete), it boasts 5 stalls designed for ease of sanitation and health of the mare and foal. Each stall has automatic waterers, rubber mats over concrete flooring, mash stall fronts for maximum ventilation, and sealed wood to ensure minimal bacterial growth. Every stall has overhead cameras, and the barn has its own wifi network.

Our weanling barn has 8 stalls. The "Old Barn," as we call it, is used primarily for the foals after weaning, but also used to keep show horses clean before a show.

The Indoor turnout is a 60 x 128 fully insulated building completed in early 2021. This will allow us to foal out mares all year, no matter the weather.

A 30 x 80 Hay Barn stores all of our hay needed for winter to ensure that it stays dry.

Finally, the new broodmare barn is scheduled to be completed winter of 2022. This will consist of 12 additional stalls to match our new foaling facility. 

Our pastures are fenced with White Lightning electric fence. Our paddocks are wood fenced. 

Hidden Ponds is a private facility. We do not offer outside boarding or training and our residence is  by appointment only. 


The new stall barn attached to the indoor turnout area, to be completed winter 2022.

An aerial view of the farm, showing some of the pastures and the homestead taken from our private plane. Most of the land in the bottom 3/4s of the photo is part of the farm.


Cameras and a wifi network specific to the foaling barn help us keep a close watch on mares and newborn foals


The new indoor turnout area was completed early 2021. 

The foaling barn consists of five stalls in a fully heated and insulated building to accommodate foaling in all weather conditions. 

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