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IMG_001 (365)-LoRes
SD Gold Top x North Fork Aslan's Amber Dancer

Born March 3, 2022

We guessed this would be one amazing foal and we were right! Amber gave us a gorgeous palomino blanket spotted colt.

He is available for sale on the GELDINGS page!

IMG_001 (341)-LoRes
SD Gold Top x SD Faith

Born March 20, 2022


SD bred top and bottom, and cream on both sides also! This is Faith's first foal.

Congrats to Windi in Florida, you got one exceptional colt!

Harmonie 2
IMG_001 (577)-LoRes
SD Gold Top x Harmonie D'Amerique

Born March 27, 2022

Harmonie is a royally bred mare, whose dam was imported from SD Farms and whose sire is a son of Alfie of Brackenhill! This will be her first foal.

Harmonie gave us the sweetest colt this year. He is a cremello with tobiano and a copy of dominant agouti. 

Top Hat is sold! Congratulations Bobbi in Deleware!

IMG_001 (577)-LoRes
SD Gold Top x Briar Rose

Born May 1, 2022

Rose is out daughter of Eddie Alcock's Old Black Horse. 

Rose gave us a stunning and gorgeous palomino colt! He is available on the colts page!

DSC_9345 (2)
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SD Gold Top x Indigo's Royal Lil Aries

Born April 1, 2022


This is a very exciting cross, as we are super excited to have added Indigo lines to our herd!

Aries gave us a black LP filly right on April Fool's Day! 

She is SOLD! Congrats to Clarice in Ohio!

Bandera Broadchurch x Minnie's Silver Pearl

Born April 6, 2022

Pearl is out gorgeous silver buckskin mare. She is a taller mare so this should be a taller foal!

She gave us a stunning silver dapple pintaloosa colt this year! He is sold! Congratulations  to Cady in Wisconsin!

GFR Silver Spirit x Indigo's Royal Arielle

Born May 23, 2022

Another gorgeous Indigo daughter, due for 2022!


Arielle gave us a gorgeous tobiano colt! He is sold! Congratulations to James in Washington!

Bandera Broadchurch x Lags Mare

Born May 12, 2022

Lags Mare is our thickest mare, imported from Ireland in 2018. She has given us some incredibly stout foals in the past and we are super excited for 2022!

Lags Mare gave us a MASSIVE medicine hat filly this year! She is retained at this time

SRS Seraphim
FLF Irish Immanuel
FLF Irish Immanuel x SRS Seraphim

Born May 4, 2022

Our incredible champion Bob the Blagdon daughter is in foal to silver dapple stallion Irish Immanuel! 

Seraphim gave us a very proud and handsome black colt! He is sold! Congratulations to Fran in Minnesota!

GSF Dublin
Dublin x Indigo's Royal Serafina
Born May 31, 2022

Another beautiful Indigo granddaughter!

She gave us a stunning black filly this year! This friendly girl is SOLD! Congratulations to Clarice in Ohio!

DSC_0996 (1)
GRF Silver Spirit x Lady Galadriel

Born  April 21, 2022

This stunning mare is a 100% color producer. She has two cream genes, so she will always throw a cream gene to her foals!

Winter gave us a beautiful buckskin tobiano filly this year! Her filly is sold! Congrats to Tasha in IL!

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