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Lady Galadriel



2012 Perlino Gypsy Vanner Mare

GVHS registered

Color DNA: Ee Aa CRCR nW20

Pssm1: n/P1

FIS: Negative

Mandarin Sony Prince Kirin x Mandarin Romeo Serenade

Approx 14.2 hands

$18,000 open

$20,000 confirmed in foal with a LFG

$30,000 three-in-one package with her 2022 filly

Winter is for sale as we are cutting down on breeding to focus on showing. She is a sweet and kind mare, but she was untouched for the first 7 years of her life as her breeder doesn't handle their foals. She is now halter broke, but is not a naturally trusting mare so she takes time to trust you and therefore needs an EXPERIENCED horse person. That said, once she does trust you she wants to do what she can to please you, but it won't be immediate. This mare is not for beginners. She is not for someone who has not had horses for a few years and is getting back into them. She is not for someone who has never trained a horse. She is not for someone who has any sort of disabilities. She will not be a therapy horse. To make sure that she is going to a home that is the right match for her, I am going to require references and would prefer to sell her locally so if it doesn't work out I can come get her back. I will require a phone interview and if you're local I would like you to meet her in person. Winter is welcome to live out her days here even if we are not breeding her, but she is so young yet that for the right person she could really be a great asset to someone's breeding program. She is homozygous cream, which means she will always throw cream foals (palominos, buckskins, and smoky blacks). Her foals are friendly, outgoing and easy to work with babies. She currently has a foal on her and is available on payments through weaning of her foal. We will be leaving her open unless we get a deposit on her. She is currently nursing a buckskin tobiano filly and can be offered as a three-in-one package also. Note that I am not willing to sell her to any sort of trainer that flips horses; she will not ever be a beginner type horse due to her lack of handling for a significant and critical part of her life. 

Lady Aeditha



2016 Smoky Black LP Gypsy Vanner x Haflinger Mare (3/4 gypsy, 1/4 haflinger)

GHA and IGEA registered

Color DNA: Ee aa nCR nLP nPATN1

Pssm1: Negative

FIS: Negative

Hermit's Silver Shadow x Lady Kariethia

Approx 14 hands


Aeditha is such a hard one for me to part with, because I'm so attached to her. I've taken her everywhere and done so much with her since she was a baby!

I bought Aeditha at 4 months old. She has been to the Minnesota State Fair multiple times, The Minnesota Horse Expo several years, and many shows, being shown by adults and youth. She spent two months at a local high school doing a youth horsemanship program. We've ponied her driving on the roads and really put a lot of groundwork into her.

She started riding training on January 15, so she is green broke to ride. At this time she will need an intermediate or better rider to continue her education. She will continue her training while she is here.

She is eligible for registration with GHRA if you want to earn show points with her.

I really love this mare; she is such a kind and loving and trusting girl. But as a gypsy cross, she is always going to take a back burner as she doesn't work for my breeding or showing program. I'd love to find her a home where she will be front and center of the attention she deserves, rather than just sort of put on the back burner as my show horses and broodmares take priority. She is much too young for that. 

I'll be very picky about the home that she goes to. I would prefer she stay local. While I am not against breeding her, I will not sell her to a breeding only home, as she has had much too much time invested into her to not make someone a wonderful riding partner. 

Indigo's Royal Seraphina



2014 Appaloosa Spotted Gypsy Vanner Mare

GVHS registered

Color DNA: EE aa nLP W20W20

Pssm1: Negative

FIS: Negative

Indigo's Royal Knight x DWF Dunamis

Approx 14.3 hands

Available open, bred back, or with foal at for price

Raffi is for sale as we are cutting down on breeding to focus on showing. She is a sweet and calm mare with an excellent disposition who is broke to ride. She hasn't been ridden since 2021, so could use a tune-up, but with the right work she could become a beginner's horse. 

Both her sire and dam are very accomplished dressage horses, so this mare was very much bred to perform and could make an excellent riding mount for someone!

Raffi is currently in foal and due in May. She is not available pregnant with her 2022 foal, but is available either open, back in foal, or with her 2022 foal at foot.