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2025 Customizable Foal Program!

Can't afford to buy a gypsy outright but want the option of making payments for an extended period of time? We are now offering the Design-A-Foal program! You pick the mare and stallion, and when the foal is weaned it goes home to you!

How It Works

  • You choose the mare and stallion. $1000 holds your pairing, which goes toward the final price

  • Mares are put under lights and bred between February and May.

  • When your selected mare is confirmed in foal, we collect a $2500 deposit, which goes toward the final price

  • You make payments throughout the duration of the mare's pregnancy and up until weaning of the foal

  • You pick the name of the foal, and we will register the foal. Once the foal is paid off, the transfer form is signed and sent in and the foal will be registered under your name

  • We guarantee and pay for testing to ensure all foals are PSSM1 and FIS negative

  • We pay for all vet costs associated with breeding and raising the foal

  • Foals are insured through weaning at our expense

  • Note: we do not guarantee gender on unborn foals, sorry!

Total Price for the Foal: NOW CLOSED!

Spread out over 17+ months

Does not include transport for the foal to its new home

Our 2025 program is now filled! Check back to see the mares and stallions available for 2026!

Choose any of these stallions to be paired with your selected mare

Just-In is a 14.1 hand bay tobiano stallion. He is Westmoreland breeding and a very traditional example of a cob with a lovely face. His foals are thick and hairy, just like him!

IMG_001 (365)-LoRes.jpg

SD Gold Top is a Legion of Honor earner, and a 2x GHRA Ambassador stallion. He is also a GVHS Top Ten Performance Horse and is Nationals placed. He is unrelated to any horses in North America except his own offspring. Gold Top is 13.2 hands tall and is a palomino varnish (appaloosa). His foals are lovely movers and get his gorgeous head.

DSC_7879 edit.jpg

Broadchurch is a 14.2 hand buckskin pintaloosa. He is Hermit's and Lion King lines. He has points in halter and performance and placed 4th at Nationals in Halter. He is a very sweet boy who has had some gorgeous, thick, colorful foals. 

spirit 2.jpg

Spirit is a 13.1 hand silver bay tobiano, but don't let his size fool you! He throws based on the mare and often even taller. He had one foal mature to 16+ hands on a 14 hand mare! Spirit is a National Champion halter horse and adds an excellent neck, hair, and shortens the back on the mares he is bred to. Spirit always improves the mare.

*Because Spirit is a silver, he may not be bred to any silver mares. Silver x Silver breedings increase the risk of MCOA.

Our 2024 Available Mares
To be bred 2024 for a 2025 foal


13.2 hand palomino mare imported from the UK. Faith had a cremello colt by SD Gold Top in 2022. She is a kind, loving mare who is easy to be around.


DSC_9345 (2).jpg

Indigo's Royal Lil Aries

14 hand black LP mare. Aries is an Indigo daughter and super kind! She is very hairy!  She had a black LP filly by SD Gold Top in 2022. 



14.2 hand Silver Dapple Mare. Luna has points in halter and in hand trail. She has had two colts by SD Gold Top, a silver dapple blanket spotted colt and a silver palomino colt. 

Luna may not be bred to GFR Silver Spirit



Indigo's Royal Serafina

15 hand black varnish (appaloosa) mare. She has had two fillies for us by outside stallions. This is a tall mare, both of whose parents are accomplished dressage horses. 

Raffi is currently for sale, but if she is reserved before she is sold she will be pulled from the market.


Harmonie 2.jpg

13.3 hand buckskin tobiano mare with Brackenhill and SD Lines. She had a cremello tobiano colt by SD Gold Top in 2022 and in 2023 had a thick smoky black tobiano colt by This Just-in. Both of her colts sold almost immediately. 



HP Visenya

14 hand thick black mare, imported in utero out of our mare Lags Mare. Visenya is a maiden mare. 

Because she is a maiden, she cannot be bred to Just-In (he throws huge foals)


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