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We pride ourselves on keeping our broodmares in top condition. Hidden Ponds broodmares are handled daily. They are not simply turned out to pasture to have no human interaction. All of our mares are broke to ride, and are ridden during the off season after their foals are weaned, or on years when they do not have a foal at their side. Mares that are amenable to strangers handling their foals in public places are taken to shows starting when the foals are two months old. We show both the mare and the foal. We believe that this benefits both mom and baby, giving baby exposure very young and showing baby that mom is not worried, so they should not be either. This puts a lasting impression on a foal that is later expected to develop into a performance horse, so new situations are handled easily.

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horses showing
Lady Aeditha


2016 Smokey Black Spotted Gypsy Sporthorse Mare

CS Hermits Silver Shadow x Lady Karietha

DNA: Ee aa nCR nLP

Country of Origin: United States

Lady Aeditha started her show career with us in 2016, shortly after arriving home from California. She has extensive handling and spent time at the Horsemanship School in Amery, Wisconsin. Aeditha has been to a couple dozen shows between 2016-2019, and is sweet and easy to handle. She is usually given to novice youth to show, because she is so submissive and non-challenging. Aeditha represented the Gypsy Sport Horse at the Isle of Breeds during the 2017, 2018, and 2019 MN State Fair, with over 100,000 people in attendance every day.  She did amazingly well and was very popular! She has also been to the Minnesota Horse Expo in 2018 and 2019. She has ponied on trails and along with the cart and done some ground driving.

Aeditha has been backed and took it very well. She is such a neat little mare and will be someone's heart horse, I'm sure of it.

Aeditha is currently for sale. Details are on our For Sale page. She will continue to be shown until such time that she is sold.

SD Faith


2018 Palomino Mare

SD Golden Boy x SD The Red Mare

DNA: ee aa nCR

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Faith is a super sweet smaller filly. I expect her to mature to around 13 hands. She is a stout girl from SD breeding. 

shimmery 1
Queen of the Blagdon's Senora


2004 Sooty Red Blagdon Gypsy Mare

Andrew Mouldon's Blue Blagdon Stallion x John Sykes Blagdon Mare

DNA: ee aa W20/W20

Country of Origin: Wales (United Kingdom)

Senora is our safest, most novice friendly horse at the farm. She can be handled and shown by absolutely anyone, and is shown by novice youth and amateurs. She was originally purchased to be a riding horse for Kari's mother, who has rheumatoid arthritis, when she visits, and she is perfect for that. She is also trained to ride and drive, and shows in both. She has been used as a demonstration and expo horse, and attends most of our events. Senora is quite the world traveler, having been imported to Canada before coming to the United States. Senora was awarded 5th place for Youth Vanner Advantage in 2017. Senora is a four star rated mare through GVHS.

Though she has had five foals previously, Senora had her first foal for us in 2018. Since she is one of our favorite show horses, we don't have plans at this time to breed her back. She loves the foals, though, and stays in our broodmare pasture during the summer months to help babysit.

giselle 3
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giselle 2
giselle 4
Giselle of Finnegan's Fields

2015 Bay Grey Sabino Gypsy Mare

Roman of HSF x Ciao Bella

DNA: Ee Aa Gg nSB1

Country of Origin: United States

Giselle is a filly that we admired for a few years before she made her way to our home! Kari has a screenshot of her foal picture on her phone that she saved when she first fell in love! Giselle is a kind and smart mare, and we hope to get her evaluated this year at the Minnesota GVHS evaluations. She is not even a full three years old in these photos...can you believe it? This mare is going to be one TANK of a fancy girl!

Giselle had a stunning silver bay tobiano sabino filly in June of 2019 by our National Champion halter stallion, GFR Silver Spirit.

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