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The Promise of the Future!

Below are some of our up and coming young horses. They have all been shown locally, and some have participated in expos and demos. These horses are the future of Hidden Ponds!

aeditha 8
aeditha 10_edited
aeditha 11_edited
aeditha 13_edited
aeditha 12_edited
aeditha 9
aeditha 6
aeditha 7
aeditha 2
horses showing
Lady Aeditha


2016 Smokey Black Spotted Gypsy Sporthorse Mare

CS Hermits Silver Shadow x Lady Karietha

DNA: Ee aa nCR nLP

Country of Origin: United States

Lady Aeditha started her show career with us in 2016, shortly after arriving home from California. She has extensive handling and spent time at the Horsemanship School in Amery, Wisconsin. Aeditha has been to a handful of shows in 2016 and 2017, and is sweet and easy to handle. She is usually given to youth to show, because she is so submissive and non-challenging. Aeditha represented the Gypsy Sport Horse at the Isle of Breeds during the 2017 MN State Fair, with over 100,000 people in attendance every day.  She did amazingly well and was very popular!

Aeditha is currently for sale. Details are on our For Sale page. She will continue to be shown until such time that she is sold.

Aphrodite 2
Aphrodite 1
aphrodite 5
aphrodite 4
aphrodite 3
HP Aphrodite


2017 Smokey Black Gypsy Mare

St Brendan's Cream x Lone Cypress Farms Blueberry

DNA: Ee aa nCR W20/W20

Country of Origin: United States

Aphrodite has only just begun her show career for Hidden Ponds, having attended a handful of local shows in 2017 with her mom starting at two months of age. Aphrodite is calm and easy to handle, and doesn't get phased by showing or traveling, which will make her an excellent future show horse.

We are pleased with how Aphrodite is maturing and can't wait to see her progress in her show career.

Amber 1
amber 2
amber 3
North Fork Aslan's Amber Dancer


2015 Red Mare

North Fork Aslan x Clononeen Isabel

DNA: ee (Agouti unknown)

Country of Origin: Canada

We first saw Amber's sire, a Shambo son, when we attended the 2016 Alberta Gypsy Show in Olds. Kari instantly fell in love with his beauty and soft demeanor, and admired the strong bond he had with his owner. Upon touring farms in the area, Kari saw his daughter, Amber, then owned by Black Orchid Gypsy and Drum horses. She was too small for their program, and was for sale. Being that she looked just like her sire (except red, not palomino), Kari knew she just had to join her show string and eventual broodmare herd.

Amber has been lightly shown in halter and does well in the obstacle course. Although she is a more dominant mare in the herd of young mares, she is simple and easy to handle on the ground. Amber will continue her show career in 2018.

Silver Star Crescent Moon


2016 Silver Black Blagdon Gypsy Mare

Coates Silver Thunder x Rosie's Kahlua

DNA: E_ aa nZ

Country of Origin: Canada

Luna is the sweetest, quietest yearling filly on the farm. She loves attention and follows us everywhere. Kari purchased Luna when she was only a week old, and first showed her at 3 1/2 months in Alberta, Canada, at the annual GVHS show. Luna attended the Horsemanship School in spring of 2017 in Amery, Wisconsin.

Luna is rather unique for a silver black, being so light in summer that she looks like a dark palomino, and in winter she looks like a dapple grey.

shimmery 1


2016 Red Sabino Gypsy Mare

Coates Silver Thunder x Pearlie Girlie

DNA: ee aa nZ nPRL nSB1

Country of Origin: United States

Shimmery is our stunning red sabino mare. She is unique in that she also carries for Pearl and Silver; the only silver pearl sabino in the world that we know of. She has a thick, silky double mane and lovely long, thick tail.

Shimmery began her show career just days after arriving at Hidden Ponds in July of 2017. She took Reserve Grand Champion Halter Mare at the 2017 Kanabec County Fair her first time showing! She will continue her show career in 2018, showing in Halter and in-hand.

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