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HP Hotspot


Palomino blanket spotted Gypsy Vanner colt

Born March 3, 2022

GVHS Registered

Will be microchipped prior to leaving

DNA: ee aa nCR nLP

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

EMH: 14 hands


SD Gold Top x North Fork Aslan's Amber Dancer

This colt is only available because I have more than enough colts right now and really don't need another, but I don't mind keeping him and growing him out either!

This fancy boy is out of my halter champion North Fork Aslan's Amber Dancer and by none other than multi-champion stallion SD Gold Top. He is going to make an excellent halter horse and still be able to perform. He is from non-Hermit's lines, making him especially special since nearly all the cream LPs out there are descended from Frilenis Ailill. 

This boy has a lot of common sense and is easy to work with. This colt learns quickly and has a calm, laid back personality. He is wise beyond his time on Earth. This is a very easy to handle colt who doesn't test, is brave, and has a good, solid mind. This is one of the most laid back colts I've had.

Hotspot does currently have a retained testicle. It was palpated at birth by our vet, but right now I can't find it. It may drop yet as a two year old, but if you want  a gelding we are happy to pay for his gelding surgery at the University of Minnesota. He will either be gelded once his testicle drops, once he is under a sales contract, or right before he turns 3 years old, whichever comes first. Our vet has advised us that they can sometimes drop before the age of 3 and so to wait unless necessary.

Like all of our foals, he comes registered and microchipped, will be halter broke (catch, lead, tie, allow feet to be handled) , dewormed and trimmed, and vaccinated, plus has a health guarantee. He has been fully genetic tested for color and gypsy disease panel. We offer free gelding for gelding homes, including follow up care. He comes with a coggins certificate and a health certificate if he has to travel out of state.

DSC_0996 (1)
Lady Galadriel



2012 Perlino Gypsy Vanner Mare

GVHS registered

Color DNA: Ee Aa CRCR nW20

Pssm1: n/P1

FIS: Negative

Mandarin Sony Prince Kirin x Mandarin Romeo Serenade

Approx 14.2 hands


Winter...where do I begin with Winter?


Winter is for sale as we are cutting down on breeding to focus on showing. She is a sweet and kind mare, but she was untouched for the first 7 years of her life as her breeder doesn't handle their horses. She is now halter broke, but is not a naturally trusting mare so she takes time to trust you and therefore needs an EXPERIENCED horse person. That said, once she does trust you she wants to do what she can to please you, but it won't be immediate.


This mare is not for beginners. She is not for someone who has not had horses for a few years and is getting back into them. She is not for someone who has never trained a horse. She is not for someone who has any sort of disabilities. She will not be a therapy horse. I will NOT sell her to any known horse flippers. To make sure that she is going to a home that is the right match for her, I am going to require references and would prefer to sell her locally so if it doesn't work out I can come buy her back. I will require a phone interview and if you're local I would like you to meet her in person. I will require first right of refusal for reselling. This is a super sweet mare once she learns to trust you and I want to make sure she is going to a home where she will be handled regularly so she doesn't revert back to being a feral horse. Although she has has regular handling now for the past several years, I still worry that she will revert back if she isn't handled and I want to make sure she has a good home for life. So with all that said, this is a super sweet and very loving mare once you earn her trust. She will follow you everywhere, has good stall manners, and is easy to catch and handle; She wants to be brushed and loved on, but you have to earn it with her. 

Winter does require sedation for the farrier, and is not good with the vet, either. Winter is not trusting of strangers and does not adapt quickly to new situations. When she first arrived in 2020 she would strike out of she was scared. She has not done this for over a year, but I can't say that she won't ever do it again, especially if she is moved to a new home and is scared of her new situation. Winter just needs an experienced, consistent handler who is willing to give her time to earn her trust. She should be regarded as a horse that was raised feral, and expectations should be set accordingly. 


Winter is welcome to live out her days here even if we are not breeding her, but she is so young yet that for the right person she could really be a great asset to someone's breeding program. She is homozygous cream, which means she will always throw cream foals (palominos, buckskins, and smoky blacks). Her foals are friendly, outgoing and easy to work with babies. She lets people work with her foals and was not an over protective mother, like some of the ones that were left to be raised feral are. 

Winter's teeth were done in 2022, and she has a fresh 2023 coggins. 


DSC_2739 (2)
SD Faith


Palomino Gypsy Vanner Mare

Born June 13, 2018

GVHS Registered

Will be microchipped prior to leaving

DNA: ee aa nCR

Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

Height: 13.3 hands


SD Golden Boy x SD The Red Mare

SD Faith is such a sweet, sweet girl. I have had Faith since she was a yearling and she gave me one beautiful colt. Her colt was so friendly and one of my favorite ones I've raised.


Faith is a wonderful mother. She is not broke to ride but would make someone a very lovely smaller riding mare also.  

Faith was imported in utero from SD Farms and brings some more unique lines to the US that are not seen quite as often from the SD herd. Sheis currently in foal to Deerinwater Calvary, a silver cremello LP stallion

Faith is available as we are raising up some of our 2023 fillies and need to make some hard choices. She is not an easy decision and I have gone back and forth on selling her, so buy her now before I change my mind!

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